2018 Whitby Boat Fishing News

Aye Aye folks, at the time of writing Easter is fast approaching but the weather has been a little 'Arctic' to say the least!

But, things look to be settling so we'll be looking to get back to sea this week for what will most likely be one of the last uptiding shots before we get back to the wrecking and ground fishing.
Some dates for your diary are the 2018 Whitby Angling Festivals- always a busy time with some amazing cash prizes too. We have some dates left during them all so give me a call, get on board and you could be in with a chance of some £1000 plus top prizes.

Whitby Angling Festival 2018 Dates
WCSA Spring Angling Festival 2018 - Sat 7th April - Sun 22nd April inclusive
WCSA Summer Angling Festival 2018- Sat 23rd June - Sun 15th July inclusive
WCSA Late Summer/Autumn Festival 2018- Sat 15th Sept - Sun 30th Sept inclusive.

2018 Whitby Boat Fishing Trip Information
As always we'll be running our 7am-5pm trips throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn but we introduced some shorter 6 hour trips on Tuesdays last year and these have proved very popular.

They are perfect for those on a tight schedule or those who have maybe tried the 3 hour Whitby boat fishing trips and want to try something a little longer and more in-depth.
If you want any more information on these trips get in touch.

Summer Mackerel Trips
Where tides, times and the presence of mackerel allow it we will be running some 3 hour trips to jig for mackerel and whatever else may turn up (usually cod, whiting, coalfish & pollock).
Give me a call from Mid-May onwards about these trips- we are very flexible in regard to your requirements.

Hire Tackle & Bait
Our stock of Daiwa Kenzaki & Saltist reels that we use as hire tackle has been serviced and cleaned over the Winter and is ready to go.
This is high spec equipment that allows you to get the best out of your fishing- why settle for less?
In addition, we appreciate that the early starts can mean time is a little tight so if you would like us to arrange bait such as black lug, squid or cart then please get in touch in advance of your trip.

Species Trips/Whitby Shark Fishing
As with previous years we hope to continue with our successful shark trips- more info will be published soon.
In addition there are other species on offer at Whitby with good flatfish (sole, plaice), haddock and rays being just a few on offer.
If you have a request and we know the fish are there then we will do our best to make the trip a success for you.

If you have any questions at all then please give me a call on 07977 436 903.
Otherwise, I look forward to having you on board for a great day's fishing at Whitby.

Tight Lines

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