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Whitby Boat Fishing Report-Our Last Uptiding Session Of 2015

Happy New Year to you all. We hope the Festive Season went well for you and you are gearing up for some explosive angling in 2016! Whitby boat angling virtually ground to a halt in December as strong winds kept the fleet tied up. While this allowed the Whitby Charter Skippers the chance to enjoy the festivities,...
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Whitby Boat Fishing Report- Uptiding Produces The Biggies!

Here at Mistress we have kicked off the Whitby uptiding season with an almighty bang..and we don't say that lightly. These inshore Whitby boat fishing trips have produced big bags of cod in some frantic sessions. But, best of all is the double figure fish that have been boated this week. 3 in as many days no less! Read more

Whitby Uptiding Sweepstake On Mistress

Whitby Uptiding Competition The Mistress‬ festive sweepstake is here! We will be running a festive sweepstake from the 6th November to the 15th December, we already have around £1000 of cash and tackle prizes. As our Whitby uptiding trips have proved increasingly popular over the past...
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New Mistress Website

Hi All- we are currently developing the new Mistress website- as you know there was a lot of information on the old site so we are shipping that in bit by bit. At the moment we have just had a busy old time during WCSA Summer Angling Festival 2015 and the return to 'Regular fishing' rather...
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Mistress Update: Late May 2014

Things have come on great since our last updates and we have seen some excellent fishing with plenty of  fighting fit fish coming aboard. After our win in the WCSA Spring Festival and good fishing in late March/Early April – we have been more enthusiastic than ever and have done plenty of homework to ensure our...
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How To Fillet A Cod With Mistress Skipper Rich Cope

Many anglers want to take their catch home and despite their best efforts end up taking badly cut fillets home or being fearful of attempting the process altogether. In this short video- Mistress Skipper Rich shows you how to fillet a cod in a way that ensures a good fillet with the maximum yield of meat. Read more

Mistress Wins The WCSA Spring Angling Festival 2014

Today (19/04/14) saw the last weigh in for this years Whitby Charter Skipper Association Spring Angling Festival. It was a tough festival with more days spent uptiding than wrecking and Rich Ward’s Shy Torque set an early high standard with a 14lb 15oz cod on the first day. Changing weather conditions meant the competition was mainly spent...
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