Mistress- October/November 2015 Whitby Boat Fishing Update

Late October/Early November Whitby Boat Fishing Update.

Since our last update the Whitby wreck fishing has remained nothing short of breathtaking!
The wrecks have been swarming with feed and shoals of fish.
Whitby Boat Angling
The fishing recently though has began to show signs of easing as the shoals of sprats have began moving off, but we have had one of the best Autumns fishing for a few years now.Whitby Charter Boat Mistress

As all my regular anglers know we do encourage catch and release where possible, our best day saw the best part of 400 cod boated by lunch time by a lucky team of lads, all one a time on light gear with the shads.
Whitby shad fishing

These astounding days had anglers saying things like "Best day ever" and "Never had fishing like it" which bring a smile to any skippers face!
Boat fishing at Whitby

One of my personal favourite shads this back end was the Sidewinder minnow, they fished very well.
Whitby Boat Fishing ReportWe have sneaked in a few days Uptiding testing the water in readiness for our winter season, we’ve seen some nice wrasse to over 4lb and the general stamp of codlings are around 3-5lb.
Our most recent trip saw a couple of double hook ups of codlings on the pennel rigs, a sure sign there are good numbers of fish present on the inshore Uptiding grounds.
Whitby Boat Fishing Update

Our new Maxsea system continues to map the ground as we are steaming about, also with each and every with this system scanning it will build a more detailed and refined picture of what we are dealing with.
One of the big wrecks offshore marked up brilliant with just a few passes and this system is also working well on the inshore grounds marking out our gulleys, ridges and ledges inshore uptiding

Whitby Uptiding fishing

Prospects for the coming month - we will continue to push offshore when possible, or until it becomes unviable.
The last few years have proven that there are better days to be had Uptiding than steaming off.
This leads us on to a new prospect for Mistress anglers this year, with the aid of our boat sponsors, tackle major, Diawa, and some local businesses, we have been able to put together a festive sweepstake, which will run it from the beginning of November and plan to finish this all in all out event by the middle of December, having a presentation night before Christmas netting some lucky anglers some great tackle and cash prizes.
Whitby Uptiding Competition

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