Whitby Boat Fishing Report- Early May 2016

Its been a while since we had a Whitby Boat Fishing update on here so I thought we would do a round up of what has been happening this Summer.
It has far from been an easy year, but we've had our share of cod, pollock, ling and catfish while once again seeing a good number of anglers catch their personal bests.

May saw us blessed with some clear water and we were dying to fish with shads- so that was the order of the day.
I started fairly close to try and assess how murky the water was, I also use that same wreck as an indicator for another area we work.
We caught 1st and 2nd drift but we were drifting slow so moved to a nearby wreck, 2nd drift saw one of our biggest Wolf fish boated to lucky angler Jon from Beverley.

We carried on a bit longer on that wreck, taking a few more fish, but I really wanted to use the tide to run to different area before slack. As we arrived I could see the water was visibly clearer.
As I ordered lines down some of lads dropped shads and some bait, I was pleasantly surprised to see fish beginning to take shads.

I couldn’t resist having a drop myself I love shad fishing, as my gear went down I could still see it 25 feet down!
I was using a 3” storm ghost tiger shad, and managed a few Codlings with it, I think on the day though, the lads fishing bait had the edge catching more consistently than lures.

Simon finished with another great pair as the day ended
The lads carried on catching steady away through the day, as the fishing died away I moved spots to see if any other likely spots would be fishing, finishing on the 5 mile back near #Whitby.
A count up just before we set off in saw the lads had managed a fairly respectable 4o Cod & Ling for the day, which I thought was good given the time of year and conditions.

The following day I went straight back to the area I had been fishing the day before knowing I had a few spots to go at.
Mistress regular, Russ from Doncaster had some new lures to try, I was sceptical to begin with, they didn’t look that special, I was amazed how well they did fish as there weren’t many drifts all day Russ didnt bag one!

Russ’ lad Tom with a couple of his fish he also nailed on the Kopyto shads they bought with them.
I noticed white was outfishing everything else, personally I was back using the 3” storm glow tiger that Id had success with the previous day, I’d also got some green Sidwinder Sandeels from Whitby Angling Supplies that morning which caught me fish also.
We started on one mark taking only a few fish and moved swiftly to another which can throw some out, it was a good move as we stayed on that same mark for most of the morning.

As the fishing tailed off a bit we moved to a wreck a further 5 miles up the coast, in the mean time the wind had picked up against the tide making the fishing harder, we got to our mark and had a good look round before setting up.
It wasn’t easy taking another half dozen fish from this wreck, after a couple of fruitless drifts, we moved back towards Whitby stopping on some ground marks that produced well last year only taking a couple of undersized codlings, we made our final move to a small piece of scrap and took a few more codlings before calling time on the day, again some real nice fish for the lads today, again boating around 40 Cod & Ling for the boys

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