Whitby Boat Fishing Report-Our Last Uptiding Session Of 2015

Happy New Year to you all. We hope the Festive Season went well for you and you are gearing up for some explosive angling in 2016!
Whitby boat angling virtually ground to a halt in December as strong winds kept the fleet tied up.
While this allowed the Whitby Charter Skippers the chance to enjoy the festivities, it meant that anglers hadn't got out for over a month in some cases!
A break in the post-Christmas weather meant that myself and a gang of Mistress regulars could get out and see where the Whitby uptiding was in terms of fish numbers.
A late start due to heavy swell saw us steam for 15 minutes before the eager anglers cast out their baits.
It took all of 3 minutes for the codling to start coming onboard!
Whitby Uptiding codSome of the lads found a 'Sweet Spot' and were pulling them in left right and centre! Cod of between 2-4lb were there in numbers and very keen to take baits such as lug, cart, mussel and squid. It wasn't long before some lads had caught half a dozen- not bad for the first 45 minutes!
Mitch was one of those lads and he really was on fire, his simple black lug and squid baits hardly had time to settle most casts.
Whitby Boat Fishing Update
Fishing near the wheelhouse, Mistress regular Bucko saw his rod tip gently twitch before it whacked round and ended up being a nice surprise ling of about 5.5lb. A few of these turn up when uptiding and at this time of year they are fit as hell and excellent eating.
Whitby Uptiding NewsHe was using a Daiwa D Uptide Rod, which is the same as the hire gear on Mistress- and its amazing how many of our regular anglers now have these.
They are an amazing piece of kit for the price.
By mid day everyone on board had had some fish. Each angler having at least half a dozen, with some having twice that in their box.
Mistress Whitby UptidingWhile the wind had been steady but manageable, it was increasing and the lads continued to fish hard thinking we would be back in early.
Plenty more 2-4lb codling came aboard during that period.
Uptiding out of Whitby on MistressWe stuck it out for a while and while conditions worsened, a steady stream of fish came on board.
By the time it had got to our last move and a few last casts the wind had eased and it was beautiful at sea.
Fish were caught straight away with Bucko getting three in three chucks including this nice fish of around the 6lb mark.
Cod fishing on Mistress WhitbyAll in all, not a bad day at sea with everyone catching a decent amount. Some caught 20 plus codling while those that had a harder day got at least 8 fish each.
Looking to 2016, there are a lot of fish out there and now is the time for those Post-Christmas doubles to turn up.
Given good weather (or even a window during bad weather) we will be at sea.
Give me a call onĀ 07977 436 903 if you fancy a run off or keep an eye on the Mistress Facebook page for last minute news.

Tight Lines & All the best for 2016


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