Whitby Boat Fishing Report- Uptiding Produces The Biggies!

Here at Mistress we have kicked off the Whitby uptiding season with an almighty bang..and we don't say that lightly.
These inshore Whitby boat fishing trips have produced big bags of cod in some frantic sessions.
But, best of all is the double figure fish that have been boated this week.
3 in as many days no less!
Whitby Uptiding
Two 11lb cod and a 10lb cod were amongst bags of 30 plus fish caught this week- its on fire!
Whitby boat fishing reports
And the MaxSea technology we invested in is paying dividends as we are working ledges, gullies and runners that are untouched by other anglers....and thats where those big ones are likely to be!
Whitby Boat Fishing Update
The 2015 Whitby uptiding season looks set to be a classic- and we have been preparing for it all year.
The fish are plentiful and of a great stamp...with above average ones in there too!
Check our availability page and give me a call if you fancy it.
Not only is it a great day out, but on a year like this there is every chance of it throwing out a 15lb'er or maybe even a 20lb'er.

Uptiding at WhitbyTight Lines

STOP PRESS: More good bags of cod today and one just under 10lb- the best Whitby uptiding for a good few years..Don't miss out, call today!

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