Whitby Shark Fishing- Mistress Hits Gold

We had a bit of a special day last week here at Whitby aboard Mistress.
The lads from Peterborough booked us for their first and our first sharking trip of the year,
We were a bit worried about the lack of mackerel leading upto the trip, we needn't have worried they we managed to land ourselves on a mackerel nest and managed 70-80 in a short time meaning we had enough chum and hook baits all day.
With about 15 mins of anchoring and getting the baits in wed our first run which we hooked up with.
After a strong 45min fight we got the beast aboard where we took photos and measurements.
7Putting the measurements into the formula we worked the shark out to be a tad over 200lb.
2Then it was slid back in through the gate where it swam off gracefully.
We fished on through to the next slack water where we had a couple more runs, which we thought may have been seals, as we'd some down tide in the chum trail.
As it was a nice day we lit a BBQ for the lads too making it a perfect day for us all.
This shark has attracted some substantial media attention and you can read the Whitby Gazette's article here http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/jawsome-catch-monster-shark-caught-off-the-whitby-coast-1-8580054
These trips are a specialist 12 hour trip, we don't like many more than 4 people aboard and cost £600 for the day which includes all tackle hire and BBQ if it's nice!
If you fancy doing battle with some North Sea heavyweight sharks and catching that fish of a lifetime give me a call on 07977 436903 or message me at seafishingwhitby@hotmail.co.uk
Tight Lines - Rich

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