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Late June Mini-Update…Finding The Better Fish!

We've been enjoying some great fishing lately with good inshore fishing for codling, pollock and ling. At the time of writing the Whitby Summer Angling Festival is just underway and anglers on board Mistress have taken the daily first prizes with double figure cod. Read more

2018 Whitby Boat Fishing News

Aye Aye folks, at the time of writing Easter is fast approaching but the weather has been a little 'Arctic' to say the least! But, things look to be settling so we'll be looking to get back to sea this week for what will most likely be one...
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2017 Whitby Boat Fishing Round Up

Happy New Year! And now that we've entered 2018 its probably the right time to do a little round up of the year. Its not been the easiest of years for sure but as you know that just makes me work harder and means that the drawing on...
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How To Tie An Uptiding Rig

While its a simple job for the experienced anglers (the ones you see catching the most fish), an uptiding rig often leaves anglers confused by its simplicity. Its almost as if some think it should have more "Bells & Whistles" when this simple rig is as effective and quick to tie as you'll ever find. Obviously the...
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Whitby Shark Fishing- Mistress Hits Gold

We had a bit of a special day last week here at Whitby aboard Mistress. The lads from Peterborough booked us for their first and our first sharking trip of the year, We were a bit worried about the lack of mackerel leading upto the trip, we needn't have worried they we managed to land ourselves on...
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Mistress- Whitby Boat Fishing Report: June & July 2016

The third week in June proved to be a cracker for us with a whole host of anglers enjoying some great Summer fishing out of Whitby. With the neap tides we took full advantage of the wrecking, using shads and bait we boated some cracking Cod and Ling into double figures, and another...
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Whitby Boat Fishing Report- Early May 2016

Its been a while since we had a Whitby Boat Fishing update on here so I thought we would do a round up of what has been happening this Summer. It has far from been an easy year, but we've had our share of cod, pollock, ling and catfish while once again seeing a good number...
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