Daiwa Tournament D/Swim Shads- Mistress Field Test

The clearing water last week gave me the chance to try out the Daiwa Tournament 5.5″ shads kindly supplied by Mistress sponsor Daiwa.
I had been itching to try them for a while and now was my chance.

Daiwa D/Swim in Pink & Silver- a great lure

Mounted on a 15g jighead the vibrant colours and superb action proved a winning combination-resulting in a higher catch rate than other anglers using other types of shad.

I caught 11 good cod on them and the only angler to come close to this had 8 or 9 fish on the now discontinued Berkley Hollowbelly shads.

One for skipper Rich Cope on a Daiwa D/Swim Shad

Available in packs of four and 8 different colours including the cod killing pink/silver and orange/gold combinations- these lures are sure to to take off in 2014 and we at Mistress simply cannot wait for the next chance we get to drop them down to some feeding cod, pollock and ling.

Tight Lines


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