Whitby Shark Fishing Trips

Mistress has been providing a more exciting day out for adventurous anglers for quite some time now.

While the port is renowned for its excellent cod, ling and pollock fishing- we have been taking anglers out in pursuit of the mighty sharks that inhabit the waters off Whitby.
We have boated some fine sharks in recent years with the one pictured above weighing an estimated 280lb!

During our early 2017 trips we have had an estimated 200lb porbeagle that the lucky captor caught within 15 minutes of starting!
1This specific targeting of the species is done in a way where every shark is returned unharmed after quick photo’s and measurement- this also provides invaluable data on shark population levels in the area.
We are totally committed to shark conservation and pass all our measurement data to marine and shark conservation organisations.

These are specialist trips of 12 hours and we would rather limit them to around 4 people aboard (we need space for safe handling of sharks) and cost £600 for the day which includes all tackle hire and BBQ if it's good weather.
2017 has already seen a fair few sightings so if you fancy  catching that fish of a lifetime give me a call on 07977 436903 or message me at seafishingwhitby@hotmail.co.uk