Knots, Rigs & Tips

This section is all about the main knots we use to tie our rigs and also the rigs we commonly use here at Whitby on Mistress. Below is list of animated knots that are easy to follow, to see how they work, simply click on the link.


Blood Knot
For the joining of two lines the Blood-knot is the easiest to follow.

Dropper Loop
We use the Dropper loop for adding the hook to the middle of our trace on our bait rigs.

Clinch Knot
The Improved clinch is used for connecting hooks and swivels to the ends of lines.

End Loop
The surgeons end loop is used to simply add a loop to the end of line, for looping braid add another turn.


Bait Rig,

We use this over the wrecks and the ground when fishing large baits. We normally use aminimum of 100lb breaking strain for this rig. Simply tie a Surgeons end loop knot each end and a dropper loop in the middle Kits cigarette electronique à vendre for the hook. There needs to be approximately 12-18″ from the bottom loop to the dropper loop which takes the hook. The dropper loop needs to be approximately 8″ long. I use an 8/0 O’Shaughnessy, to take either a couple of squid, a full side of Mackerel, or a combination of the two.
Watch this video for more detail.


Shadding Rig,

This rig is used to fish with shads, and jelly worms. The link swivel is added to the main line and weight is attached. A separate length of line is now used usually 3-4 feet long and approx. 40lb breaking strain. The Shad is tied on one end and another link swivel is tied on the other using a clinch knot. The Shad hook length is then simply clipped onto the other link swivel that has the weight attached. For Jelly Worms a longer trace of around 6 feet is used.
Watch this video for more detail.

Uptide Rig

A link swivel is tied to the main line. A. 8–10” length of 20lb line is tied to a weight and an end loop added then put this on your link swivel. A 3–4 foot length of 40lb line is then used to tie your hook on, a pennel can also be used if preferred, a link swivel is tied on the other end then linked onto the other link swivel.

How To Tie An Uptiding Rig- Mistress Charters Whitby from Mistress Sea Angling Whitby on Vimeo.