Whitby Angling Festivals

Each year the local charter skippers (www.wcsa.co.uk) hold a spring, summer and autumn Whitby angling festival. Fishing usually takes place over 14 days (Unless otherwise stated) from boats registered with The Whitby Charter Skippers Association. In recent years the Whitby Charter Skippers Association have added a 4th event to their calendar. 2008 saw the first ever winter uptiding festival at Whitby. Due to the success of this event the skippers now intend to make it an annual event.rolex datejust le signore rolex calibre 2671 mingzhu engine m279384rbr 0004 tono argento

As members of the Whitby Charter Skippers Association, we always participate in all the associations festivals held here at Whitby.max miwu coke tin jednorazova vape 3600 puffs nanuk

Boat bookings are now being taken, so please contact Rich using the details on our contact page to secure your place.

See also the WCSA website for further details.