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Preparing For Your Trip On The Mistress

Wreck & Reef Fishing

Rod and Reel Requirements

When using shads or other soft lures such as jelly worms or redgills, and even Hokkai rigs.

A 20lb class outfit is more than adequate.  A Slosh 30 size multiplier or fixed spool reel loaded with 30lb braid is perfect.

As a guide I use a 12lb-20lb class Kenzaki rod fitted with a Daiwa Slosh 30 multiplier loaded with 30lb braid for shadding.

When using bait while wreck fishing out of Whitby, a sturdier rod is required, to cope with snags and the possibility of larger fish.

A 30lb class outfit is better suited (a rod with a bit stiffer action is better than a soft rod). A Penn 320 or 330 size reel loaded is 50lb Braid is better.

As a guide I use a 30lb-50lb class Kenzaki  rod and a Daiwa Saltist 40 loaded with 50lb braid for bait fishing.

Terminal Tackle

When Shadding a couple of packets of shads may be required, 4” shads tend to work better here in Whitby.  Also buy a couple of packets of size 1/0 link swivels. Trace line of around 40lb is used for Shadding. Amnesia is a good quality trace mono. Weights in the region of 10oz to 12oz are suited to this style of fishing.

When bait fishing, trace line needs to be 100lb minimum, hooks size should be 6/0 to 8/0, to cope with the size of bait best swiss hublot big bang bi retrograde king gold black dial chronograph mens watch 413 om 1128 rx used. Weights in the region of 12oz to 16oz are better suited to bait fishing to get the bait down quicker as it gives more resistance in the water than lures.

In summer its worth bringing a couple of sets of mackerel feathers and Hokkai rigs too.

Its worth noting that tackle losses can be higher when wreck fishing, and I would recommend you bring 10-15 sets of tackle for the day in case you do have a bad day! You may go a full day without losing anything, but that’s fishing!

Mackerel and squid are popular baits to use throughout the summer. Mackerel begin to show from May/ June and can stay as late as October/ November.

Winter Fishing:

Winter time brings us to Uptide fishing, hard inshore, lying at anchor. The season usually runs from November to March.

This can be a very productive method of fishing, and big bags of fish can easily be caught.

Rods should be 4–10oz class uptiding rods, fitted with an Abu 7000 size multiplier reel or fixed spool, loaded with a minimum of 30lb line. A heavy beachcaster rod will do the job. But can sometimes be a bit cumbersome because of the length.

Hook sizes used are 4/0 to 6/0, trace line is usually around 40lb breaking strain. Smaller swivels and links are used. I use a weak link to my lead, usually around 20lb breaking strain. Weights used are 5oz-6oz breakout grip leads.

I would carry around 10 sets of gear for the day, as I said before, You may not lose any but its worth having the tackle there in case you have a bad day on the tackle loss front.

Good baits used for Uptiding include, Squid, Lug worm, Mussel, Peeler & Cart.

Cart can be bought in blocks from the tackle shop, please note cart fishes best when kept frozen, with this in mind, bring a thermos flask and clingfilm to prepare and store your cart to keep it at its best.


All tackle and bait is available from Whitby Angling Supplies which opens at 6am every morning.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any tackle, Mistress carries 12 rods and reels which are available for hire, and terminal tackle is available onboard at cost.